Restaurant Questions

Restaurant Questions

It actually doesn’t cost a dime to start. The only cost is the discount you offer!

Yes and no. We do not like to change offers once a campaign has started as people may have decided to purchase the app because of your offer. If however, an item is “86”, we can make an exception. Please contact us for more information on that!

You cannot cancel once the campaign begins. You’re locked in for either 1, 2 or 3 years (whatever option you selected).

You can at no additional charge (for the time being). In the future, there may be a cost to the restaurant for additional offers.

There are a few. There cannot be any specifically stated alochol specials (however if you offered 15% off an entire meal and you did not state alochol was excluded, that is allowed).

Also, offers must be “simple”. What we mean by that is offers cannot have time restrictions (i.e. only available on Mondays after 2:35 PM but before 4:47 PM) or “gimmicky” details (i.e. get a free sandwich with the purchase of two drinks, a dessert and a $25 gift card).

We’re happy to answer any questions you have on this 🙂

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